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Issues of supply chain sustainability and ethics are continuing to move up the manufacturing agenda. We consider them not just a ‘nice-to-have’ but an integral part of building better products and services with our clients and partners. That’s why we’ve added more information on these for our stakeholders on sustainability here, our certifications for environmental management here, and our voluntary statement on modern slavery here.

Here’s a few thoughts on why we are strengthening our historical commitment to these issues:

Good ethics enhances your reputation as a good company

The yardstick for acceptable corporate behaviour is always changing, but being ahead of the curve on this generally means more conscientious business practice which: generates better employee satisfaction while attracting better workers; attracts higher quality business partners, suppliers and clients who care about high standards of excellence and behaviour; a more positive outlook from customers.

Competitive advantages in pursuing supply chain sustainability

Besides reputational enhancement, other key tangible advantages can result. Eliminating wastage and better energy use can reduce costs significantly. Driving efficient manufacturing processes can push innovation, better working practices and newer technologies.

Mitigate against litigation and supply outages

By auditing and assessing your supply chain you can ensure your company is meeting current corporate, consumer and other legal standards. By ensuring your suppliers are above-board they are less likely to be shut down or create an interruption in materials and components. A more robust, resilient supply chain is created with healthier sourcing and less negative legal exposure.

Working with better companies makes a better world

Who wouldn’t want to ensure and enhance safe and healthy working conditions, anti-corruption and bribery, living wages in humane and equality-focused workplaces, better environmental awareness, and eradication of slave and child labour? Good corporate citizenship impacts positively on the world around us.

Find more information on our supply chain sustainability and ethics page, and our legal page for other related measures. For employee safety and safeguarding, check our legal page. And for health and safety protection check our MRO/PPE vending machines service.

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