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Acorn attending Australian Manufacturing Week

As part of building company capability, Acorn Director Melissa Aitken took a flying visit to Sydney to attend last month's Australian Manufacturing Week with her son, Reuben, who also works at the company. The visit underscores Acorn's commitment to enhancing its global network and forging new relationships with suppliers to enhance our strategic reach.


Based in the UK, Acorn is forward-thinking in our strategic approach, and continuously seeking fresh opportunities to upgrade our services to better attend to our OEM manufacturing customer needs. Upgrading our global network — from the UK and Europe, to the other side of the world in Australia and Asia — is part of the company's future-facing philosophy.

Innovative in its work practices, Acorn looks to build personal relationships with suppliers, and to leverage our expertise in a global supply chain fraught with logistical challenges.

"Transparency is key to our workflow optimisation," comments Aitken. "We actively implement a supplier liaison project where the supplier is treated with as much respect as the customer. It benefits business operations, addresses logistical pain-points, and reduces the stress levels of procurement staff. It's a win-win in every way for us and our partners."

The visit to Australian Manufacturing Week offers great potential, sparking the beginning of new and exciting supply chain conversations for Acorn.

Australian Manufacturing Week

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