Being competitive in the marketplace is key to business success. Regular analysis and review of processes is important in providing the best results for your business objectives and alignment with current company strategy.

Analysis and evaluation to maximise opportunities


Introducing new processes (or altering current ones) into current operations can provide risks and rewards into the supply chain that need analysis and evaluation.

We provide a team experienced in various supply chain interventions, and dedicated to finding the most suitable one for you. These can range from: development and refinement of existing systems, to 'modular' enhancements that can be plugged into your existing production line, to wholesale implementation of new systems, and 3PL outsourcing to increase your manufacturing and delivery capabilities.

These changes need to be evaluated for meeting ongoing business needs and future-proofing against client demand, competitive threats, and market opportunities.

Benefits to good process design & strategy

— Manufactured goods meet customer needs better and quality increases
— Producing products at a more competitive price
— Reduction in product design time-to-market, and increase in production cycles
— Increase in productivity through better supply and assembly

Factors in integrating design with delivery

— A properly defined and developed development process
— Optimising product and process design to enhance manufacturing, reliability, affordability and maintainability
— Integrating design and materials demands with supplier capability and parts availability
— A transparent, flexible, strong and resilient supply chain

Creating organisational competitiveness with process design

— Manufacturing design functions need to be aligned with planned production
— Product development needs to be integrated with material leadtime and inventory
— Engineering needs to be harmonised to supplier and systems capability.