Warehousing is a fundamental and expensive part of any company’s logistics function. As such, optimising this area is paramount to increase efficiency and ensure the smooth function of manufacturing and distribution.

Maximising warehouse management, design and layout


When increasing capacity or re-engineering this logistics functions, a re-assessment of warehousing and storage can result in improved storage capacity, inventory efficiency, and increased productivity. We do a thorough analysis of requirements, and process of solution planning to provide a clear rationale and predicted improvement.

We have practical experience in delivering proven results for a variety of OEM clients, to improve their warehousing functions. As part of supply chain solutions such as VMI and 3PL, warehouse consultancy is integral to garnering the best results.

As part of our logistics partnerships with our OEM clients our expertise includes:

Warehouse setup and design

— Build, configure and design new warehousing, picking and distribution facilities.
— Re-configure existing warehouses with new systems, shelving and handling equipment.
— Development of racking, shelving and full storage systems.
— Plan warehouse layout, system and inventory flow.

Improve warehouse logistics

— Introduce warehouse and inventory management techniques to optimise workflow.
— Assessment and implementation of MHE (Mechanical Handling Equipment) and WHS (Warehouse Management Systems)
— Tactical storeroom, stock location and picking.
— WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) operational requirements.

Increase warehouse performance

— Layout improvements and pick rate remodelling
— Performance management and KPI development
— Inventory planning and optimisation.
— Improved demand forecasting for lean inventory.
— Optimise target inventories, holding & ordering times.