Warehouse consultancy offers better design, logistics and performance outcomes. Getting actionable, practical advice to optimise warehouse operations is paramount to ensure a smooth manufacturing, production and distribution process for all OEM manufacturers.

Actionable consultancy expertise to improve storage capacity, inventory efficiency, and flow in your company warehousing operations


Not all warehouse consultancy is the same. Retail distribution and fulfillment requirements in this area are significantly different to those needed by a manufacturer. Acorn are focussed on provision and specialist service for OEM manufacturing. We provide logistics planning and warehouse design and provision that support integral supply chain functions and service needs. This includes familiarity and expertise in the provision and handling of OEM parts, consumables and specialist components, along with the quality control, kitting and assembly.

We have practical experience in delivering proven results for a variety of OEM clients, to improve their warehousing functions, maximise material flow and minimise locked capital. As part of supply chain solutions such as VMI and 3PL, warehouse consultancy is integral to garnering the best results.

The benefits to OEMs of warehouse consultancy

When increasing capacity or re-engineering this logistics functions, a re-assessment of warehousing and storage can result in improved storage capacity, inventory efficiency, and increased productivity. We do a thorough analysis of requirements, and go through a complete process of solution planning to provide a clear rationale and predicted improvement. We design and apply warehousing improvements with laser focus on your sector requirements and production needs.

The warehouse consulting process focuses on these core areas to upgrade:

Warehouse setup and design

— Build, configure and design new warehousing, picking and distribution facilities.
— Re-configure existing warehouses with new systems, shelving and handling equipment.
— Development of racking, shelving and full storage systems.
— Plan warehouse layout, system and inventory flow.

Improve warehouse logistics

— Introduce warehouse and inventory management techniques to optimise workflow.
— Assessment and implementation of MHE (Mechanical Handling Equipment) and WHS (Warehouse Management Systems)
— Tactical storeroom, stock location and picking.
— WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) operational requirements.

Increase warehouse performance

— Layout improvements and pick rate remodelling
— Performance management and KPI development
— Inventory planning and optimisation.
— Improved demand forecasting for lean inventory.
— Optimise target inventories, holding & ordering times.

Why work with a warehouse design and logistics consultant?

The pace of business, supply chain challenges, personnel shortages, compliance factors, and ever-increasing customer demands with higher service levels highlight inefficiencies and weaknesses in supply chain and warehouse operations.

While it harbours more risk as part of the modern supply chain, warehouse operations can also unlock increased reward. Working with a supply chain partner that can deliver battle-hardened specialised OEM warehouse operations, along with wrap-around value-added logistics services, provides a more holistic view with greater ROI.

Experienced warehouse consultants that also offer a broader level of supply chain services can bring a deep level of industry experience and real world problem-solving expertise.

Warehouse consultancy process

One size does not fit all. At Acorn we excel at providing a bespoke service. No job is the same as every company has special and individual needs. Bearing this in mind a warehouse consulting process generally follows these stages:

Strategic audit

Build a business case for the right solution for your particular needs. What capacity and capabilities are needed? What are the critical factors to measure performance and ensure successful implementation? Define scope of what is available and required in terms of resourcing, equipment, processes and technologies.

Review operational requirements

Understand current processes and benchmark for improvement and transformation. Acorn's warehouse consultants utilise expert sector knowledge and experience alongside your individual company needs and unique situation to gather a deep understanding of requirements. Assess then build a process map to configure warehousing operations and material flow more effectively.

Design for storage and handling

Analyse warehouse functioning and data to establish storage and material flow: inventory storage, buffer reserve and SKUs, picking and packing, inbound and outbound delivery and transport, QA and added value services. Which locations will activities take place, and what is the mix of internal vs outsourced warehousing operations?

Layout, process design and implementation

Implementing efficient layout and processes for maximal day-to-day functioning and efficiency to take account of required business scenarios. Consideration needs to be made for the critical phase of transition planning to minimise disruption of operational glitches.

Outsourcing warehousing operations: key factors

The way your company decides to handle warehousing operations flows from major strategic decisions about your supply chain management and processes. But if we zero-in and focus on what makes good warehouse operations, whether in-house or outsourced we can reduce it to these key areas:

— Warehouse location(s) and size.
— Storage and shelving.
— Inventory and materials handling.
— Technology and automation.
— MHE (Mechanical Handling Equipment).
— Expert staffing and trained personnel.
— WHS (Warehouse Management Systems) and data interoperability.


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Acorn's warehouse consultants can help you in redesigning and revamping your existing manufacturer warehousing, build of new storage facilities, or the optimal mix between in-house inventory storage and outsourced warehousing.

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