Hand-picked, pre-packaged, pre-labelled and sub-assembled industrial components and fasteners ensure component quality and production efficiency.

Simplify assembly and reduce production costs


By creating fully packaged kits at our centre you shorten the production process on-site for your company. The kits contain the precise amount of components needed, bagged, barcoded, and quality checked.

Efficient kits of quality parts integrate into your overall manufacturing process. By adopting this service our client OEMs have saved days on typical assemblies of complex manufactured goods. Kitting can range from a relatively simple pre-bundling of quality-checked parts, to a highly prepared ‘phased assembly system’ with hundreds of components ready for a sophisticated production line construction.

Sub-assembly allows OEMs to improve final assembly efficiency by providing ready assembled components for integration into the manufacturing process. You get the flexibility and discretion to plug components into modular cell and production line processes with ease.

The service an efficient way to have scaleable and flexible production process, eliminating the need for excess production space in-house, and a simple way to accommodate surges in production demand.

Kitting benefits for production

— Easy stock handling and ordering.
— Reduce production line headcount.
— Full ISO-certified kitting and assembly.
— Frees up production space & storage.
— Packaged in dedicated, optimised work areas.
— Shrink transport costs.
— Lower supplier count with consolidated sourcing.

Inventory benefits of sub-assembly

— Lean inventory: Order only what you require at the time.
— Never worry about stock-outs.
— Quality control checked and managed.
— Ensure component compatibilities.
— Eliminate obsolete items.
— Reduce production line headcount.
— Decrease paperwork and purchasing activity.

Kitting in a fully ISO-certified work centre

Acorn has an ISO certified kitting centre, conforming to the latest 2015 edition for quality management (ISO 9001:2015), and environmental management (ISO 14001:2015). These latest quality certificates ensure you have a supplier in Acorn that has a more robust focus on risk mitigation, on quality assurance, and on fostering innovation through continuous performance evaluation.