We offer component sourcing, inventory management, and supply chain logistics services tailored to your individual manufacturing needs.

Bespoke supply chain solutions boost your back-end logistics and inventory infrastructure with open and transparent tracking and results.


Our services reduce the amount of items you need to purchase and source. By raising fewer purchase orders our customers gain directly from internal cost reductions with less invoicing and time sourcing suppliers.

We free up your greatest asset, your employees, to work for you more efficiently, by providing quality-controlled kits and sub-assembly work.


Managing stock levels can be a pain, especially as an excess can tie up cash and floor space. We help you reduce stockholding to derive efficiencies from this, to eliminate delays and cut lead times for products.

We are proud to have worked with clients to directly reduce turnaround on orders and improve their supply chain efficiency.


We use bar coded direct line feed to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEM) great value services including precision machining, kitting and assembly, consolidated ad hoc procurement, inventory management and sub-assembly.

All orders are delivered to ISO standards with the security of a fully batch number controlled system.

Key services

Vendor Managed Inventory

Profit from more efficient ordering, reduced inventory and logistics processing costs, better replenishment and demand planning.

Kitting & Sub-Assembly

Hand-picked, pre-packaged, pre-labelled and sub-assembled industrial components & fasteners ensure component quality and production efficiency. An assembly service is incredibly useful for OEMs.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

3PL bundles assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution into an integrated solution for planning, coordinating and delivering inventory.

Components supply

We specialise in providing OEM direct line feed delivery from a vast selection of fasteners and fixings, PPE and MRO equipment.

MRO/PPE vending solutions

Acorn Repono offers remote, realtime industrial vending of MRO shop floor consumables, along with tool and PPE supply and dispensing.

Aftermarket service & logistics

Providing OEM clients with aftermarket services: reverse logistics, repair & refurbishment, and spares & maintenance.