We pride ourselves on high standards in sustainable and ethical business practice. We believe it helps enhance both our reputation and delivery of our services, while also developing more valuable stakeholder relationships.


We think it's just good business to operate ethically and sustainably, with equality in the workplace, good living wage standards and training for employees, working with suppliers and stakeholders who share our values, and growing sustainably while taking into account environmental impact.

By acting responsibly, ethically and sustainably as a family run business, we also help our partners comply with supplier and stakeholder commitments in areas including environmental management, components quality and recycling, health and safety, and CSR (corporate social responsibility).

We hold the latest ISO certifications for management and environmental quality. Learn more about our certificates here.

Values & ethics

We work ethically, with integrity, fairness, honesty, respect, and transparency. Discover how we approach key areas below.

Sustainable production and facilities
Being environmentally responsible
Better working environment

We are a closely knit, family-run company that have committed to high standards of business conduct and ethical behaviour. Acorn has pledged to pursue a strategy of sustainable business and production with all our stakeholders, and to keep improving on this through operational excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.

Acorn Industrial Components are committed to minimising the risk and effects of modern slavery, ethical & human rights violations across our organisation and supply chain. You can see our Modern Slavery Statement here.

We have audited our environmental quality and recycling operations, and we aim to keep improving on the high standards we have already set. This issue is particularly pertinent to the manufacturing and supply chain sector, and we believe are efforts in this area make us a great partner for those company's pursuing the same goals.

We've achieved certification for ISO 14001:2015, part of which means we have successfully addressed how our services and activities impact the environment, and have ongoing systems to mitigate and improve this.

We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment where our staff can thrive. Equality in the workplace is central to our ethos, and we encourage and support current and potential employees regardless of gender or disability.

We provide employees with a living wage and an array of professional development and training opportunities to help us all learn and develop together. All our staff undergo equality and diversity training to facilitate a better workplace. We have achieved certification in ISO 9001:2015 which acknowledges high quality and responsibility in management of human resources and the working environment.