A technologically-driven supply chain and production process helps control inventory levels and components visibility. This improved end-to-end visibility and increased responsiveness helps drive logistics efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Introduce the right technology at the right time


The capabilities and types of supply chain technologies are expanding, but we have found our OEM clients get better and immediate results from focusing on the brilliant basics. A solid foundation to embed and integrate new supply chain processes and technologies is crucial to success, rather than chasing the latest buzzwords (hello, Internet of Things, blockchain, smart devices, AI/Machine Learning, and automated delivery systems).

Acorn consult with you to create a bespoke solution that offers the best technology mix, whether RFID or other scanning and tracking methods, automated vending machine supply of components and monitored distribution of high-value items, through to customised warehouse inventory and storage systems.

Key factors in supply chain technology solutions

— Integration into existing infrastructure
— Automated purchase order triggering and resupply
— Visibility: transparent supply, tracking and delivery data
— Maximum supply reliability and flexibility
— Analytics, reporting, and EDI transfer