An industrial vending machine solution offers 24/7 automated dispensing and supply of MRO shop floor consumables, tools and PPE supply. With easy integration to the production line it brings immediate benefits in stock control, elimination of wastage, and point-of-work delivery.

Bring your storeroom right next to your production line


Acorn Repono has been developed and refined in-house as our industrial vending solution for realtime inventory management and automated MRO/PPE dispensing. Unlike a central storeroom, and tailored vending machine be configured to bring the right mix of c—part consumables supply, plant upkeep, and PPE equipment. An additional check in/out locker capability can be added to the main vending unit for higher value tools, large consumables for full tracking, stock accountability and a reduction in wastage.

We offer Repono as part of a whole vendor managed inventory solution, a fully managed plug-in solution, or semi-serviced. An online portal offers access to your usage data, with consumption being tracked and triggering restocking automatically. Never worry about administration or stock level checks again. Never zero-out of goods.

Benefits of industrial vending machines

— Secure, reliable 24/7 MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) consumables supply
— Automated restocking with managed replenishment
— Custom configurations tailored to individual assembly cells
— PPE compliance for workplace health and safety
— Traceable, audit trails to defend against wastage, theft and litigation

Key savings for Acorn Repono

— Reduction in total inventory costs typically between 20-40%
— Eliminate supply-related administration costs to near zero
— Time savings for individual assembly cells can be up to 50%
— Limit resources on worker-related inventory through tracking, accountability and procurement

Note: Repono, our industrial vending solution, is only available as a managed service. We do not sell machines separately.

Acorn Repono full locker solution

More comprehensive information about Acorn Repono can be found on the product microsite.