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PRESS RELEASE: Acorn Industrial Components Recognised as a Top 5 Third-Party Logistics Provider for 2023

Smarter logistics: Acorn recognised in Top 5 of UK 3PL providers 2WEST SUSSEX, UK — June, 2023 — Acorn Industrial Components, an experienced, results-oriented supply chain partner, has been named as one of the "Top 5 Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Service Providers in the UK" by industry magazine, Logistics Tech Outlook in their 2023 3PL edition.

This recognition highlights Acorn's four decades of commitment to quality, reliability, and continuous innovation in the logistics and supply chain industry. The award spotlights the company's success in successfully blending both human expertise and AI within its working procedures to increase operational efficiency, not only for Acorn but also for its OEM clients worldwide.

"It's fantastic to be recognised by Logistics Tech Outlook as a leading 3PL provider," states Chris Till, Managing Director of Acorn Industrial Components. "We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance our clients' supply chains. It's immensely satisfying to help create value for our client's manufacturing businesses."

Despite the recent supply chain disruptions, Acorn has effectively optimised warehousing, storage, and inventory systems for OEM clients, capitalising on recent technological innovations, particularly AI, while also investing in training and personnel development. The firm's effective blending of human expertise and AI-enhanced workflow has led to a remarkable business growth of 50% in the past two years, contributing to this notable achievement.

This award is a testament to Acorn's customer-oriented philosophy, its global procurement network, and its diverse range of value-added logistics solutions — which alongside 3PL, includes Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), kitting and assembly, and other complementary services.

Acorn is committed to a customer-oriented philosophy that creates bespoke solutions for OEM manufacturers. It delivers innovative solutions and bottom-line results by augmenting the efficiency of OEM manufacturers and managing their inventory effectively as a trusted supply chain partner.

You can read the feature article on Acorn in Logistics Tech Outlook 2023 3PL edition. [The link along with a brief summary and bullet point highlights of the article are below.]


About Acorn Industrial Components

Acorn Industrial Components has been a trusted supply chain partner for leading UK manufacturers over the past four decades. The company excels at managing inventory and warehousing as part of a suite of bespoke supply chain services catering to OEM manufacturers. It applies cutting-edge technologies such as AI alongside expert personnel to enhance operational efficiencies. Acorn's commitment to innovation and customer-focused services is reflected in company growth of 50% over the last two years.


Summary: Smarter Logistics Solutions for Growing Businesses

The feature article on Acorn, including an interview with our MD, Chris Till, can be found here:

⇢ Smarter Logistics Solutions for Growing Businesses.

It appears in the 2023 3PL edition of Logistics Tech Outlook magazine.

TL;DR Summary

Acorn Industrial Components, over the course of four decades, has grown to be a trusted supply chain partner for leading manufacturers in the UK and beyond. The company has successfully manoeuvred through recent supply chain disruptions, and through investment in personnel and leveraging technology — specifically AI — it has improved inventory and warehouse management for its clients.

The use of AI has not only allowed Acorn to maintain a high delivery success rate, but it has also helped clients boost their production rates, and optimise their supply chains. By pairing its extensive experience and expert personnel with technological advancements, Acorn has seen a 50% business growth over the past two years.

The firm is committed to a customer-oriented philosophy and continues to deliver innovative solutions to augment the efficiency of OEM manufacturers through its value-added logistics services.


Article highlights

  • Acorn Industrial Components, established for four decades, is a trusted supply chain partner for leading UK manufacturers.
  • Despite Brexit and pandemic-induced disruptions, the firm has optimised warehousing, storage, and inventory systems for its clients.
  • Acorn's approach blends human expertise and AI, leading to increased accuracy, efficiency, and 50% business growth in the past two years.
  • Advanced technology, particularly AI, plays a crucial role in Acorn's operations, enabling better inventory management and a higher delivery success rate.
  • The firm's competence is demonstrated through realworld client success stories, with a 100% track record of improving client output and order fulfilment rate.
  • Acorn maintains a global procurement and supplier network, and offers value-added logistics services, including 3PL, VMI, kitting and assembly, tailored to client requirements.
  • The company's customer-oriented philosophy and commitment to innovative solutions remains its focal point, aiming to enhance the efficiency of OEM manufacturers.

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