Controlling inventory and stock is crucial to effective manufacturing operation. Inventory Management & Analysis is essential for the best balance of stockholding, demand and sourcing processes to meet your manufacturing goals.

Reach the best service level


Are you an OEM struggling with overstocking and lack of control and tracking of inventory? Is your expertise focused further along the manufacturing process, leaving you with inefficient inventory management?

Imagine having effective monitoring and processes in place to make rational stocking decisions with more agile and lean inventory management. With our help, you can finally achieve improved profitability, effective stock replenishment, an increase in working capital, better target performance & KPIs, and achieve better value & economies of scale.

Acorn can help you bridge the gap.

We apply deep expertise and industry best practices to aid you in figuring out the best way to hold and deliver your inventory and feed your production line. With effective monitoring and processes you can finally make rational stocking decisions with a more agile and lean inventory management.

We work with you on materials requirement planning (MRP) to generate the appropriate inventory for the service level you need to minimise stock-out risk. We implement racking and shelving configurations that make sense for your production line. Picking and tracking technologies are utilised to increase the performance of inventory control, with efficiencies in time, stockholding levels, and demand planning & replenishment.

Effective control, incremental improvement and better sourcing of inventory is the bedrock of your production process. Acorn leverage 30+ years experience to aid you in this area through our various solutions.

Inventory management advantages

Let's get to the point of why you should be working with an inventory management expert:

Benefits of lean inventory management

— Improved profitability.
— Effective stock replenishment.
— Increase in working capital.
— Better target performance & KPIs.
— Achieve better value & economies of scale.

More insights with inventory analysis

— Realtime monitoring of stock, no more guesswork.
— Efficient analysis of manufacturing cycle demand.
— Reduce costs of holding excess inventory.
— Operational flexibility & resilience.

Better inventory control

— Optimise warehousing space, including footprint and layout.
— Better shopfloor, picking, and production line performance.
— Efficient tracking, audit trail, and resource management capabilities.
— Reduce stock wastage, loss, and obsolescence costs.

Key inventory management objectives

— Continuous supply of materials based on relevant demand.
— Minimise all associated inventory costs.
— Maintain price stability & component value.
— Create and manage full record of inventory.

Services for better inventory management

Look into our VMI (vendor managed inventory) service, the advantages of VMI for OEMs, or find out more about a full-fledged 3PL (third party logistics) solution. Whichever you choose, Acorn will tailor a bespoke version to benefit your unique company needs.