Make your efforts count with the right planning frameworks and solutions to take your manufacturing to the next level

Tap into our experience of providing smart manufacturing solutions as a trusted partner of critical UK manufacturers and OEMs from a range of high performance sectors.

Acorn can help develop and refine existing systems that need an upgrade, provide 'modular' enhancements, or full overhaul of your supply chain function.

Our headline services help you to practically create a resilient, optimised supply chain, tapping into our 35+ years of expertise. Upgrading production processes and supply chain is essential for you to achieve competitive advantage.

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Logistics planning

Inventory analysis & planning

Attain new heights in optimised inventory. Any excess materials and parts held are basically 'unproductive cash assets': they are not contributing to the health or profitability of your company. We help with the optimal planning and correct analysis of your stockholding levels.

Systems requirements/resourcing

Future proof your supply chain systems. Undergo a systems process with us to rejuvenate and transform your SCM, develop new capability, or reorganise based on market demands.

Outsourcing & tender management

The advantages of using a supply chain provider specialist for OEM manufacturing is conclusive. Outsource your operational and service requirements to a trusted partner: we provide warehousing, fulfilment and inventory management, along with components distribution & assembly.


Materials Resource Planning (MRP) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are essentially system frameworks to help better manage manufacturing process. At Acorn we have the experience to advise and aid you in implementing the best fit of software and hardware solutions for your unique situation.

Process design & strategy

We provide a team experienced in various supply chain interventions, and dedicated to finding the most suitable one for you. Regular analysis and review of processes is important in providing the best results for your business objectives and alignment with current company strategy.