Smart manufacturing and the smart factory is the current holy grail for OEMs. Whether as an existing OEM wishing to modernise production logistics, or a growing technologically advanced company lacking manufacturing logistics experience, tapping into the right supply chain expertise and logistics systems is paramount.

Smart manufacturing requires smart partnerships


We support smart manufacturing and the smart factory as a trusted supply and logistics partner. Using a lead logistics provider allows you to offload the bulk of supply chain management and procurement to a dedicated expert vendor, leaving you free to concentrate on your core manufacturing competencies. 

The path to a seamless supply chain comes with managing the accompanying intricacies — completely autonomous systems are currently a pipedream as the complexity of real world events inserts itself into the equation (and the big data algorithms) — melding supply chain management systems and sensors with skilled people to plan, iterate and intercede creates an optimal solution.

It is easy to see technology as a panacea to righting what is wrong (or sub-optimal) in your supply chain and manufacturing setup. But building the smart factory requires implementing the correct mix of computing autonomy and intelligence, alongside a skilled workforce. At Acorn we work with you to create a bespoke solution to improve factory supply, warehouse logistics, component procurement, and production line processes. Weave the optimum mix of logistics tech (portals, EDI, smart tracking, auto-updating kanban bin systems, smart storeroom, storage and vending technologies, et al) and your productivity sky rockets

Smart manufacturing logistics

The most powerful benefits of smart manufacturing

— unlock productivity gains
— improve operations & inventory management
— faster decision making through transparent and intelligent data
— greater competitiveness
— leaner processes
— superior supply chain agility responding to manufacturing demands

Master supply for your smart manufacturing

Integrate with a supply chain master supplier for Logistics 4.0 to garner key advantages:

— leverage expertise, dedicated supply chain management IT and warehousing technologies from a trusted partner.
— collaborate on production and assembly to utilise the best value componentry, supply and kitting for your manufacturing flow.
— reduce administration, consolidate BOM & eliminate inefficient delivery & inventory holdings.
— concentrate on your competitive advantage as an OEM on your high value production, offload procurement, supply integration & logistics to an expert provider.
— streamlined supply, with simpler procurement.
— optimised production line management, picking, packing & kitting.

Finding the best smart factory solutions

— assess and create a roadmap to upgrade from legacy setup, production facilities, and operations interconnectivity (work with your key supply partners to integrate & upgrade)

— decide on the level of intelligence, data transparency & autonomy you need now and in the future. How much resilience and reactivity do you need to build into your systems?

— acquire and make sure you have the correct skillsets, IT connectivity and data in-house and among your manufacturing and logistics partners to operate at the Industry 4.0 level you require.

— focus on manufacturing end goals and marry them to a holistic approach to manufacturing transformation that provides logistics resilience and supply chain agility. Balance human ingenuity and expertise with intelligent insight and automated systems.

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