As part of our service, we provide practical consultancy to help you increase manufacturing & supply chain performance

As a trusted partner we aim to hit the sweet spot in our services between strategic wins and practical implementation, bridging planning and application.

Implementation of standalone plans created by strategic consultancies who have little idea of the process of implementation and 'real world' feasibility can be a problem. Acorn solve this problem.

Our headline services help you to practically create a resilient, optimised supply chain, tapping into our 35+ years of expertise. But alongside this we wrap a consulting service, working with you to create the best bespoke solution through design, planning and thorough consultation with your team.

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Supply chain consultancy

Warehouse consultancy

Warehousing is a fundamental and expensive part of any company's logistics function. We help you maximise your warehouse function, design & layout.

Inventory management

Reach the optimum service level, avoid overstocking. Inventory management & analysis is essential to obtain the best balance of stockholding, demand & sourcing processes.

Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP)

Tie your business processes to the bigger strategic plan. We support your top-level manufacturing decision making through better inventory visibility, control, monitoring and planning

Kanban systems

Deploy custom configured kanban systems: shelving & bins. By holding only what is needed for final deliverables on order, inventory becomes leaner, with waste reduction and effective resource utilisation.

Supply chain technologies

We partner with you to find the right mix of technologies to fit your business. A technologically-driven supply chain helps control inventory levels and components visibility. Results and efficiency are always the driver with us, not a shiny new technology in and of itself.


Make sure you know your supply chain and logistics terms and acronyms:

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