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The manufacturing sector is responding to the new opportunities in data and technology to reinvent and reinvigorate production processes, inventory and supply chain management. Here at Acorn, our comprehensive service offerings and expanding consultancy areas are a reflection of this change in sector outlook. The industry has seen a clear uptick in working with specialist logistics partners as SCM becomes more complex, and has been identified as a clear area to achieve competitive advantages.

Working with our clients to achieve greater supply chain and logistics wins requires increasing partnership in the design and planning of systems. We hope these expanded planning services offer a better insight into how this expertise can be applied to your business.


Inventory Analysis & Planning

Gaining thorough and actionable insights on the supply side, with regard to inventory and warehouse usage. Deeper analysis, planning and management of inventory unlocks a series of physical advantages with stock and space, alongside financial rewards. Read more.

Systems requirements/resourcing

When dealing with day-to-day manufacturing requirements, customer demands, inventory and sourcing challenges it can be difficult to assess continuing and developing organisational needs, and to future proof your supply chain systems. Read more.

Outsourcing & tender management

Outsourcing a company’s logistics functions — operational and service requirements from warehousing, fulfilment and inventory management, and components distribution & assembly — has clear and conclusive advantages. Read more.


Materials Resource Planning (MRP) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are essentially system frameworks to help better manage manufacturing process. The state of your current logistics functions and future requirements, the size of business and complexity of manufacturing process, informs which system is preferable for your organisation. Read more.

Process design & strategy

Being competitive in the marketplace is key to business success. Regular analysis and review of processes is important in providing the best results for your business objectives and to be in alignment with current company strategy. Read more.

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