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PPE field kits

While we have had positive recent news about COVID-19 vaccinations, the need for PPE and virus safety measures is not going away magically with a click of the fingers, or a jab of a vaccine. Clearing society of substantial viral contamination, and building enough covid-resistance through a mass vaccination programme is going to take time and hopefully improve the situation steadily through 2021.


Responsible businesses therefore need ongoing solutions to keep their trusted workforce safe, both on the production line, and out in the field (whether delivering and coordinating, or engaged in maintenance).


Responding to client feedback we've created PPE field kits, and worker care packages: these offer an easy and ongoing solution to protect against health & safety risks. They are easy-to-administer, can be supplied regularly alongside our other client services, and customised to particular requirements.

Our Repono industrial vending solution can also be deployed to offer on-site PPE inventory on demand, while also keeping higher value items sanitary through check-in/check-out locker systems.

PPE Field Kits, and Worker Care Packs

Ready-to-deploy kits take the headache out of PPE stocking & ongoing measures.

— Enhanced protection for busy workplaces where multiple contacts are expected.

— Suitable for delivery, maintenance and logistics operations personnel, off-site and on-site.

— Essential protection for production line personnel, including visor/safety goggles, facemask, sanitisers, wipes, and gloves.

Coronavirus Mask Safety
Enhanced PPE: safety masks, field kits & care packs

Always-on PPE: Repono industrial vending

Acorn Repono full locker solution

We can provide PPE industrial vending machines to our UK customers.

— Custom configuration of health & safety items according to latest advice and recommendations.

— 24/7 access to extra PPE, including masks, gloves and gels.

— automated inventory management: don't worry about restocking & consumption control

— check-in/check-out lockers for high value items (easy to ensure cleaning protocols are adhered to alongside this)

— Bring your storeroom next to your production line, for less cross-contamination risk.

More than 'Hands, Face, Space'

Additional things to consider in the workplace with ongoing coronavirus risk:

social distancing: make sure it is possible with current shopfloor configurations. Consider reconfiguring layout if appropriate or adding additional screens, dividers or PPE protocols.

staggering shifts: if layouts and workplace is too congested, think about time shifting to alleviate congestion in busy areas.

cleaning equipment: make sure the right cleaning equipment and chemicals are used for the right worksurfaces and equipment (non-damaging, non-toxic, etc)

wearing additional PPE: as we know more about COVID contagion risk, respiratory precautions have come to the fore. Make sure masks are cleaned or replaced regularly, and worn fastidiously. Can you increase ventilation in your workspaces?

handwashing & sanitising: Ensure handwashing on entering premises and moving between zones. Have appropriate cleaning stations or enough product in place and near workstations and production cells. Ensure work areas and work equipment are sanitised after use (consider UV light decontamination in especially high frequency zones and items).

health assessment & protocols: have regular pre-shift safety assessments to ensure staff are free of coronavirus-suspicious symptoms. Have a testing regime in place for request and reporting, and be ready for vaccination roll-out

use floor markers and displays: remind on-site staff to stay safe, follow Covid-19 safeguards, and keep a distance of two metres. It's easy to forget and have distance-creep between individuals. Mats or taped zones help as visual reminders.

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