Despatch packaging foam acts as a protective layer for your goods. Made from eco-friendly 100% recyclable LDPE foam, it is useful for many packaging applications, and protects precision components, parts, fasteners and kits while in transit from impact and movement which may cause abrasion or pressure on items.

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A 100% recyclable, eco-friendly LDPE foam.

Adding despatch packaging foam to deliveries adds a layer of safety protection to goods:

– It protects fragile items from damage through scratching, chipping, or abrasion.
– The low-density polyethylene used to make the packaging foam can be recycled.
– It is available in different forms suiting different use cases (blocks, sheets, expanded).
– Lightweight, cost effective in not adding extra weight for your shipping costs.
– Safe for electronics – anti-static foam protects electronic products from damage related to static or shock.
– Doesn’t leave marks.

Factors to consider when packaging shipments

— product fragility.
— product weight.
— amount of cushioning required.
— abrasion reduction/risk.
— sustainability/recyclability.
— look of packaging (aesthetics).

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