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VMI serious benefits

VMI is a powerful logistics service for OEMs

We’re getting many requests for our VMI partnerships service right now. We’ve found many people require a simple way to get up to speed on this technical logistics area, so we’ve got a range of new materials to help.

It might seem counter-intuitive to outsource your full supply chain logistics, but handing off this operation to an expert provider allows you to unleash the full insights and benefits of the vendor managed inventory system.

Acorn provides a bespoke install and process for each of our clients. We provide a full consultation along with install of appropriate technology and processes. You can view a full Slideshare of our vendor managed inventory ppt below.

Introduction to vendor managed inventory (VMI) services for OEMs: pdf presentation

Vendor managed inventory has clear rewards

Manufacturers are always looking for more efficient ordering, reduced inventory and logistics processing costs, as well as better replenishment and demand planning.

Vendor managed inventory is an easy ‘plug-in’ solution to unlock these advantages:

  1. Eliminate administrative time & costs
  2. Minimise supply chain inventory
  3. Shorten lead time with delivery coordination
  4. Make your logistics more resilient
  5. Reduce downtime with supply efficiencies
  6. Focus on core competencies & revenue

(Find a fuller, more up-to-date article on the full advantages and disadvantages of VMI here)

By working with Acorn, we can leverage our expertise to improve your logistics performance, while freeing you to concentrate on your core strengths and manufacturing.

Learn more about our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service.


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