PRESS RELEASE: Eliminate stock-outs and line-downs with Repono’s bespoke, realtime inventory management and automated MRO dispensing.

East Sussex, UK – March 2017

Experts in enhancing supply chain performance, inventory planning and component sourcing Acorn Industrial Components present a new industrial vending solution. As a standalone plug-in to the production line, or as part of a full VMI (vendor managed inventory) roll-out, Repono offers remote, realtime inventory management for MRO shop floor consumables.

Repono optimises your manufacturing process by distributing point-of-work tools and consumables across the shop floor, reduces PPE spend up to 40%, and eliminates stock-outs and line-downs.

“It’s a natural extension of our supply and kitting of precision fasteners and fixings. We developed our own bespoke industrial vending machines direct from our OEM partner feedback,” explains Chris Till, Managing Director of Acorn Industrial Components. “We named it Repono, latin for ‘to store or deposit’, as the solution brings your stock room right next to you production line.”

As the recipient of awards and accolades from customer OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) for service excellence and product quality Acorn pride themselves on working with their partners to achieve maximum results.

Adds Till: “Our latest client satisfaction survey shows outstanding satisfaction for our supply chain management, fastener and component kitting and sub-assembly services. Repono is the next step for many smaller firms, as a ’baby VMI’ implementation that allows them to dip their toes in before going for a full VMI solution. We’ve more to come to help this segment of manufacturers.”


  • streamlined purchasing and resupply to eliminate stock-outs and lines-down.
  • secure, reliable 24/7 MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) consumables supply.
  • ensure PPE (personal protective equipment) compliance with audit trail.
  • automated restocking, and trackable usage promotes efficient usage and reduces wastage.
  • configure for individual assembly cells and save up to 50% time.

Repono MRO vending solution: ’Press, Drop, Delivered’.

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