Acorn Repono MRO/PPE vending

We’ve added new features — expanded locker and storage upgrades — for Acorn Repono, our industrial vending solution for realtime inventory management and automated MRO/PPE dispensing, for 2018.

Expanded locker and storage upgrades for Acorn Repono, an industrial vending solution for realtime inventory management and automated MRO/PPE dispensing.

One of the easiest ways to achieve instant production line efficiencies, Acorn’s industrial vending solution, Acorn Repono is offering more functionality in 2018 as client demand increases.

Acorn Industrial Components first introduced an industrial vending solution in 2017 as a response to existing OEM client demands. Refined and updated for 2018, our second evolution adds additional storage in the main unit, alongside a check-in/check-out locker expansion for availability and tracking of more high value tools and items. The product update comes as the Company adds a new group of manufacturing clients for the service.

“We named our new product Repono, latin for ‘to store or deposit’, as the solution gives you a mini-stockroom custom filled for each production line or assembly cell,” explains Chris Till, Managing Director of Acorn Industrial Components. “We continue to update and develop our own bespoke industrial vending solution as our clients are looking for easy wins in their production line efficiency.”

The Repono vending solution is customised to each client’s individual production line with a just-in-time stock of PPE and MRO, and assembly cell component specifics.

Five key benefits to the Repono vending solution

— streamlined purchasing and resupply to eliminate stock-outs and lines-down.
— secure, reliable 24/7 MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) consumables supply.
— ensure PPE (personal protective equipment) compliance with audit trail.
— automated restocking, and trackable usage promotes efficient usage and reduces wastage.
— configure for individual assembly cells and save up to 30% time.

Learn more about how the advantages of this MRO/PPE vending solution is at our Acorn Repono microsite.

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