As we meet new clients in the UK and around the globe, we've found it helpful to put together a quick explainer deck to capture what we offer in a nutshell. You can download the full deck here, view it on Slideshare, or check it out in a glance below.



Here's a summary breakdown of the slide information:

  1. Acorn Industrial Components.
    Key component sourcing, inventory management, & supply chain logistics services.
  2. About us.
    A family-run firm with over 30 years experience in supply chain solutions.
  3. Our team.
  4. Mission.
    To create bespoke solutions tailored to your specific manufacturing needs.
  5. Qualities and values.
  6. Procurement.
    Enhanced C-parts procurement and management using a specialist supplier with comprehensive catalogue and warehouse range availability.
  7. 150+ product ranges
    Access Hardware, Wire & Cable, Crimps & Terminals, Pneumatic & hydraulic fittings and adaptors, Tubing, Adhesives / Sealants / Tapes / Lubricants, Electrical supplies, Thread Protection.
  8. Industrial components: Sourcing from 30,000+ parts
    PPE & MRO tools: All leading brands & manufacturers
  9. Fasteners: 50+ BS & 100+ DIN standards
    Precision machining: Tolerances up to +/- 0.003 gram
  10. Supply chain services.
    Vendor Managed Inventory
    Components supply
    MRO vending solutions
    Kitting & Sub-assembly
    Third Party Logistics
  11. Vendor Managed Inventory.
    More efficient ordering, reduced inventory and logistics processing costs, better replenishment and demand planning with VMI.
  12. Components supply.
    We provide a one-stop solution for all of your product and components needs, sourcing the best value, high quality components.
  13. MRO vending solutions.
    Acorn Repono offers remote, realtime inventory management for MRO shop floor consumables, along with tool and PPE supply.
  14. Kitting & Sub-assembly.
    Hand-picked, pre-packaged, pre-labelled and sub-assembled to ensure component quality and production efficiency.
  15. Third Party Logistics.
    3PL bundles assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution into an integrated solution for planning, coordinating and delivering inventory.
  16. International Standards. ISO Quality Assured. ISO 9001. ISO 14001.
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