In the last year or two our services have evolved rapidly as our OEM clients have requested more logistics help beyond ad hoc and ongoing procurement. This explainer video gives a high level snapshot of the five key services we now offer.

We aim to to make logistics services accessible to all manufacturers, offering a sliding scale of implementation, outsourcing and partnership.

Five key services

Vendor Managed Inventory
VMI turbocharges your inventory management and order fulfilment. By partnering with us, you can leverage our decades-worth of expertise in supply chain processes.

Components supply
Using our expertise in ad hoc procurement saves you research, administrative and sourcing headaches. We can reduce these overheads by 25%+ and select exactly the right products for you from over 30,000 unique items.

MRO vending solutions
Realtime inventory management and automated MRO dispensing. Ensure full PPE compliance with an audit trail. Configured for individual assembly cells it can achieve time savings up to 30%.

Kitting & Sub-assembly
Efficient kits of quality parts integrate into your overall manufacturing process. Improve final assembly efficiency. You get the flexibility and discretion to plug components into modular cell and production line processes with ease.

Third Party Logistics
3PL creates a more reliable and resilient supply chain. By utilising a specialist logistics provider, it allows you to take full advantage of expertise and cutting-edge industry practice which is incredibly difficult to replicate in-house.

You can find more about all our services here.

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