Top management of Acorn Industrial Components are committed to providing industry with prompt access, through the latest communication media, to commercial, Original Equipment Manufacturing, and specialised products — including a variety of support services to enhance their business.

The supply of products and services at the time they are required is vital to the customer and influences our processes from receipt of the customer order, through procurement, to the point of delivery.

In providing products of quality, Top Management ensures systems are in place to source and monitor the supply chain assuring our customers of consistent standards.

Communication both internal and external are fundamental to the efficiency of our operations and the use of modern technology and personal contact offers a variety of media for dialogue exchange and prompt response.

Top Management value the contribution of its employees to the success of the business and invest and encourage the development of their skills and potential.

Top Management continually monitor the marketplace for technology and regulations that must be addressed or will enhance both our business and that of our customers in both economic terms and time-saving processes.

The identification of risks, our strengths and weaknesses, provide the company with key objectives in improving our business and the customer experience. AIC management review the objectives throughout the year and respond to changes as they occur.

Acorn Industrial Components are aware of the need to address the influences of environmental and health & safety on the QMS and operate an integrated management system to recognised national standards.

It is Top Management’s aim to excel in the market in which we operate, and our management team meet regularly to promote improvement and manage changes to fulfil this aspiration.

Last edited: 12 March, 2021