Acorn Industrial Components are a leading provider of supply chain logistics and procurement services. The company is committed to providing total customer satisfaction through confidence in the quality of products and service provided and is committed to providing products and services which fully meet the customer’s needs and expectations in both function, statutory and regulatory requirements.

The supply of products and services at the time they are required is vital to the customer and influences our processes from receipt of the customer order, through procurement, to the point of delivery. Senior management ensures systems are in place to source and monitor the supply chain assuring our customers of consistent standards.

Acorn Industrial Components are aware of the need to address the influences of quality, environmental and health and safety and operate an integrated management system to ensure clear lines of internal and external communication, full operational control, processes and procedures for all areas of the business.

We are committed to:

  • Continual improvement of our ISO9001 registered quality management system.
  • Senior management leadership and support to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Senior management leadership involvement in establishing and regularly reviewing quality critical success factors.
  • Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and other compliance obligations.
  • Focus on the needs of our customers by consistently ensuring we identify, meet and exceed their requirements
    and expectations.
  • Continually monitor the marketplace for technology and regulations that must be addressed or will enhance both our business and that of our customers in both economic terms and time-saving processes.
  • Knowing who our customers are and what they require, through open communication.
  • Use of modern technology and personal contact for dialogue exchange and prompt response.
  • Ensure systems are in place to source and monitor the supply chain assuring our customers of consistent standards.
  • Working with our supply chains to improve our processes and time management.
  • Continual improvement through team participation, performance measurement, audit and review.
  • Invest and encourage the development of our employee skills and potential.
  • Measuring and reviewing our performance for continual improvements of our systems and practices.
  • Communicating this quality policy to all interested parties via our website.

This policy will be kept up to date as the business changes in nature and size and will be reviewed annually.

PDF: Quality Policy Statement

Policy Updated: 31 January, 2023.

Last edited: 27 February, 2023.