Top management of Acorn Industrial Components Ltd are determined to provide an approach to environmental issues that will protect natural resources, enhance and protect the environment that we work and live in as set out in this policy statement and the associated objectives.

We are aware of the responsibility for the protection of the environment and prevention of waste and pollution; recycling of materials and careful use of resources are key issues. We are committed to realistic planning and the setting of objectives in achieving these goals.

We are also committed to reducing the aspects of our business that may adversely impact on the health and safety of our employees or other people and businesses around us in reduction of CO2 emissions and use of eco-friendly products where practical.

Our objectives consider the impact of our activities and risks involved, with practical measures in place throughout the life cycle of products and services giving us the ability to respond to changes and the aspiration of top management to identify where performance can be improved. The involvement of our employees is paramount in realising this aim.

Acorn Industrial Components conducts its business of providing components, equipment and support services to industry in a manner limiting the environmental impact through selective purchasing, the programming of deliveries, and use of efficient transport.

The compliance with local and national statutory and legislative requirements is integral to the development of our environment system and is continually monitored.

Last edited: 12 March, 2021