Acorn Industrial Components are a leading provider of supply chain logistics and procurement services and is committed to providing an approach to environmental management that will protect natural resources, enhance and protect the environment and is aware of the responsibility for the protection of the environment and prevention of waste and pollution; recycling of materials and careful use of resources.

Acorn Industrial Components conducts its business of providing components, equipment and support services to industry in a manner limiting the environmental impact through selective purchasing, the programming of deliveries and use of efficient transport.

We are committed to:

  • Continual improvement of our ISO14001 registered environmental management system.
  • Senior management leadership, commitment and support to ensure the effectiveness of the environmental management system.
  • Senior management leadership involvement in establishing and regularly reviewing environmental critical success factors.
  • Continual improvement of the environmental management system and to enhance environmental performance through measurement, audit and review.
  • Working with our employees, customers and external providers to improve environmental management where possible.
  • Managing our environmental aspects and impacts by considering life cycle perspective.
  • Reducing the aspects of our business that may adversely impact on the environment or health and safety of our employees or other people and businesses around us.
  • Enabling our employees to meet environmental requirements through regular internal communication.
  • Implement our environmental policies and procedures through guidance and training.
  • Monitor and conform with all relevant and applicable environmental legislation and other compliance obligations.
  • Communicating this environmental policy to all interested parties via our website.

This policy will be kept up to date as the business changes in nature and size will be reviewed annually.

PDF: Environment Policy Statement

Policy Updated: 31 January, 2023.


Last edited: 27 February, 2023.