Affordable Kitting & Assembly


Ready-to-go kits plug into your production workflow, pre-assembled & quality checked

An efficient way to have a scaleable and flexible production process. Eliminate the need for excess production space in-house, offload modular sub-assembly to our expert facilities so you can concentrate on your high value component fit-out. Download to learn more ⇢

Kitting is the easiest way to improve assembly efficiency



— Easy stock handling and ordering.
— Reduce production line headcount.
— Full ISO-certified kitting and assembly.
— Frees up production space & storage.
— Packaged in dedicated, optimised work areas.
— Shrink transport costs.
— Lower supplier count with consolidated sourcing.



— Lean inventory: Order only what you require at the time.
— Never worry about stock-outs.
— Quality control checked and managed.
— Ensure component compatibilities.
— Eliminate obsolete items.
— Reduce production line headcount.
— Decrease paperwork and purchasing activity.

Boost your supply chain

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