Power up your inventory with a comprehensive procurement service

We have over 30+ years experience in sourcing high quality components from our global network of suppliers for hundreds of clients. At Acorn we specialise in providing OEM direct line feed delivery from a vast selection of fasteners and fixings, PPE and MRO equipment.

Through providing specialist and highly technical industries such as aerospace, electronics and other industrial manufacturing, we know how important it is to get a reliable, quality-assured supply of materials for your business. We leverage our expertise to provide just that to you.

Use our procurement service and your business receives these key benefits:

  • Ensure quality control through using us as a 'master supplier'
  • Leverage our supplier network to receive the best value, quality-assured components
  • Hand-picked and inspected items ensure assembly efficiency
  • A single point of contact for delivery accountability and streamlined purchasing
  • Cost transparency, inventory tracking, and deliver traceability

Extensive ranges for your procurement needs

31000 Line items
100 + DIN standards
50 + BS standards
30 + ISO standards
150 + Product groups
12 + Thread types
14 + Material types

Source better components for your business

Procurement is our bedrock service to fulfil core supply chain logistics for your manufacturing. At Acorn, we continually review our suppliers and source new components based on customer feedback, market demands, and our ongoing research and contact with our supply network. The result is better inventory and supply for our clients. And clients who stay with us, and when the need arises, move on to our more expert and complete logistics services.

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